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People and nature recovering and flourishing together

Delivery of services, training and support in Nature Based services


About Us

Natural Academy's team have developed the NatureWell approach from 12 years of working with people's health in natural settings. 
It is rooted in supporting people and nature to recover and flourish together. 
We have evaluated and learned what most  benefits people’s health and helps them really connect to nature.
We have also delved deeply into the evidence, and together with our experience on the ground, have found ways to deliver our approach simply but effectively.
As NatureWell expands and develops we are partnering alongside a team of very experienced  practitioners and trainers to offer our accredited training, service design and support programme.

We are working with a range of organisations from the health and environment sectors. They are all wanting to create or further develop nature-based approaches to health and wellbeing that are professional and effective.

We are also delivering our NatureWell services across different areas of the UK
We as a team are excited to see the expansion of nature based services and fully support this as an integrated solution to our health and environmental challenges.

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Ways We Help

Working with you

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Nature based services design and development

Adapting the NatureWell approach to local conditions and needs is an important element in the design. 
We work with partners to ensure that the approach can be applied in ways that serve their participants and organizational needs. 
By having an ongoing relationship to our partners we can help mentor, supervise and adapt the approach to fit into the needs of organisations, teams, places and participants.

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We offer accredited training in the NatureWell approach that will upskill individuals and teams to deliver local professional services.

The training focusses into two main areas and you can choose one or both:

1. Nature and Health Facilitator for working with people with specific health and social care needs. This is sometimes called Green Care

2. Nature and Community Connector for nature focussed community engagement programmes that promote nature based health and wellbeing


Resources and evidence

In order for you to deliver and then continue to develop your nature based services we offer a range of professional resources and materials. This ranges from whole course delivery packs, online resources and evidence research. 
We are constantly involved in the developments of nature based solutions for health and nature and therefore have our fingers on the pulse of latest policies, research and developments in the UK and beyond. As a licensed provider you have access to these and a CPD programme to keep individuals and teams updated and skilled.

Misty Forest Reflection

Reflective practice for support and learning

At NatureWell, we support teams to reflect on their practice in ways that support them individually and collectively. This has the benefits of helping to positively manage complex and challenging experiences with groups and individuals.  We know there is always so much to learn in the application of the approach and through the challenges of adpating it to particular groups, natural settings and organisations. We work with you to extrapolate this learning and apply it to the development of the service.



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Our Team

Professional and passionate


Kate Drake


Kate is a qualified nature based practitioner and currently works for South Downs National Park as a Health and Wellbeing Officer.  She has a MA in Anthropology and Youth and Community work  having worked within the field of health and social care for over 20 years.  Kate has a passion for exploring and discovering ways of connecting people to the natural world through reflection, growth and nature based practises.

Roger Saxby

Roger  is a qualified nature-based facilitator with training in ecopsychology and nature based practice. He has worked as a physiotherapist for nearly twenty years in a variety of public sector and charity organisations, with a special interest in pain management. He is also accredited to teach Mindfulness for health and stress courses and has a particular interest in permaculture


Hamish Mackay Lewis

Hamish is a leadership and life coach, facilitator and meditation teacher. With varied international experience he has worked with people from all walks of life in business, the armed forces and not-for-profits. His passion is to work with groups and individuals to create space for reflection, renewal and reconnection with the wisdom of nature


Jason Leck

Jason is a natured based practitioner with many years experience guiding and facilitating people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to engage with the natural world. His professional and academic journey includes Outdoor Activity Instructor, Nature Conservation Leader, FE Tutor, Forest School Leader, Environmental Science and Ecopsychology practitioner. 


Recently, he has been working with Avon Wildlife Trust and is founder of Wild Connections.  


Rhonda Brandrick

Rhonda is a nature-based practitioner, supervisor, therapist, teacher and guide. She brings a wealth of experience and deep curiosity to our human-nature reciprocal relationship with the Earth and our ongoing personal and collective development within this. She has worked with individuals, couples and groups for over 25 years. She is dedicated to making a difference to human health and the health of the natural world by bringing individuals and communities into connection and healthy balance


Michéal Connors

Michéal is an eco-psychologist, mountain leader and holistic health and wellbeing professional.  He is a qualified psychotherapist, supervisor and lecturer. He has a specialist interest in nature-based approaches to holistic cancer care and mental health. For over 25 years he has been advocating and developing nature based and holistic approaches to mental and physical health.

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Siân Jones 

Sian currently works as the nature based Families Outreach Officer for the South Downs National Park, she is also one half of Wild Gathering CIC, which offers a programme of workshops and events that use a range of activities and interventions to support health and wellbeing in nature.  As a trained psychotherapist and ecopsychology practitioner Siân also offers therapy and supervision. She has over twenty years of experience as a therapist, supervisor and trainer.  Siân has an MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy and a Certificate in Eco-psychology and Nature Based Practice.  She is also trained in group facilitation and supervision.

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Sarah Witts

Sarah lives and works in Cornwall and has had a passionate and healing relationship to nature since childhood. In her professional career she has worked as a Youth worker and Support worker and currently works as a Community Coach.  She successfully completed the Foundation year in Ecopsychology and Nature Based Practice in summer 2020. She brings all her experience and knowledge and life-long passions together in her work, recognising the power nature has in transforming people and communities to be healthier and more resilient.

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